Elena Poletaeva — Contemporary painter
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Usually biographies are boring. 

Born/had been/was not/were not involved.

Attempts to talk honestly about yourself are considered to be naive and "unprofessional". But what is the profession of "Artist"? The artist just has to be himself. 

I became myself in December 25, 1983, in the family of foresters. My family rarely heard about the artists; except that grandma embroidered stitch very complex in tonal combination of the picture and grandpas were good in writing poems and memoirs. 

As a child I sculpted toys out of clay, called them my friends. It was because I had almost no alive friends, except the animals. I grew up in the woods, constantly treating sick cubs and chicks, trying to save them from my favorite domestic cats and dogs. So there was one of my first art works " Unkind tale" in which the predators and the victims live in the same world as in my childhood.

 I studied at school № 12 with aesthetic bias, went to extra classes at the art studio and drama studio. The art teacher, Elena Vitalievna Umatova, introduced our group to an amazing variety of world cultures, accompanied us on trips to cities in Russia. We had some real adventures, not only in the art world, but in the real world.

In high school I had to choose: continue to draw or play on stage. It was the first time I made a conscious choice in my life, and it was not too difficult. I went to art school and graduated with honors. Immediately after graduation I had my first solo exhibition of plein-air works in the Fadeev library. At the time, to be honest, I not realized that it was my show. Was just happy for free subscription to the library. 

I always write "decided to join", "I went, I made the choice," like I thought as a grown woman. Actually I was a normal kid, but my parents did the right thing. They gave me the opportunity to decide who I want to become. Even though we as a family had kept from her grandfather that his granddaughter is studying in art school and is going to become an artist. And the teachers of "regular" school didn't understand why I, despite great success in school, decided to study at art College and had not stormed prestigious universities.

 Sometimes in moments of weakness I think they were right. When the moments of weakness are gone, I understand that I was right. Because "being an artist" and "be yourself" for me are inseparable concepts.

Entering College, I didn't know what would happen next. I was just the weird girl who wanted to think and draw, think, think and draw. To be honest, I don't understand artists who believe the creative process is only sensual, not intellectual.

For me, art has very much intellectual power and sense. 

In College I learned anatomy well, and learned that real education can be earned only by sweat and blood. The tears were there too. Rivers of tears at the threshold of the audience during the delivery of fonts and modular layouts... But this knowledge still help me to earn money for a living.

Years in College were interesting, although, to be honest, I lived in some kind of my own reality and rarely had company. At times it disturbed me to be happy, I was ashamed of my "abnormality". And only over the years my abnormality became my personality.

After graduation from College I realized that I'm not a designer, as it is written on my diploma. In the digital world, the designer has to be able to work on the computer in the graphic software.

Remembering the rare computer science classes in school, I could only draw circles in Paint. I signed up for a course in computer graphics from the labour exchange, and more or less learned the software. Moreover, learning from books and the Internet gave me more - and continues to give. 

Several years of work by the artist in art studio “DVA” didn't bring me no professional growth, no happiness. I quit almost into the void and was delighted when I was offered to get a job in a cool advertising studio “L.I.P.”, what means “Life in Pictures”. They had plenty of pictures, but little money for an employees. But I really wanted to learn something new, and came to the interview with a hope. 

I had to ... draw a mouse. As it turned out, almost all the candidates draw Mickey mouse. I gave five options are totally different mice and got the job, which later greatly loved. I really wasn't paid enough, but I was willing to do anything, because I really loved this job. One day, my boss Simon Klimovsky saw my pictures, which I drew for myself, explication directly from the subconscious. And he did me a proposal – to paint on canvas during the year, and then he'll organize a one-man exhibition for me. Kind of a deal with the devil, you know. 

I was terribly worried and doubted. To be honest, doubt is my forte. But two years later I completed my first series of paintings " Fissures of consciousness”.

We’re still companions through life with Simon, and he still helps me to hold exhibitions. We agreed with him on a very important point - the artist's work should be meaningful.

My first "adult" exhibition held at the Arsenyev Museum. Viewers were different, there were many disputes. I think, it’s because my paintings touched the most difficult part of self – doubts and fears.  Many viewers hid their reaction behind a cynical attempt "to read and diagnose" personality of the author. But the author was in very good mood – just at the time I drew a new series, lighter and affirming.

 In subsequent years, I had to mix painting and the work of the designer.

 In 2010, we drove just two collections to Saratov. As a result has gained an invaluable experience in the transport of large canvases and learned that in Saratov encouraged primitivism is frowned upon and philosophical art is under the ban of society.

In 2011, A. Gorodniy graciously gave a large room in the "ArtEtage" Museum at my disposal for a whole month. He knew that it is really important for the artist to show your creativity from time to time, because without the viewer our works lose value.

 For me it is really important that, looking at my pictures, people found good qualities in themselves and have struggled with bad; thought about how much their lives depend on them, because life is made up, primarily, of our relationship to it. 

I believe that art should be international and understandable - or at least interesting - to people at any age. 


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